High School Programs

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Gallon Grad Program

In recognition of the valuable life-saving contribution students make to our community’s blood supply, the Community Blood Center (CBC) is pleased to offer a Gallon Grad Award Program for high school students. If you donate at least eight (8) times with the Community Blood Center before your high school graduation, you will be eligible to receive the Gallon Grad award. This program is designed to encourage high school students to become lifelong blood donors. 

How the Program Works

It's easy! Signup at the link below and just donate at least eight times with Community Blood Center prior to your high school graduation! Eight donations are the equivalent of one gallon. We will count all of your donations with CBC both before and after you enroll. You can achieve this goal by donating at your local high school blood drives, as well as donating at a local CBC Neighborhood Donation Center or other community blood drives sponsored by the Community Blood Center.

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Applicable students who reach the one-gallon milestone by their high school graduation will help save lives in their community and receive:

  • A red cord to wear at their graduation ceremony.
  • Certificate of Achievement.
  • A Gallon Donor pin.
  • A chance to win a laptop!

Bloodstock® Scholarship Program

The Bloodstock® Scholarship program encourages and rewards students age 17 – 21 to organize non-school, *community blood drives in order to earn scholarships. Students learn valuable marketing, organizational and leadership skills. Students are partnered with CBC Account Managers and have the potential to earn $250 - $500 per blood drive.

*Blood drives must be held in CBC's service area (NE Kansas & NW Missouri) to qualify. Contact Kira Harsh with questions. 


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High School Scholarship Program

High Schools that host blood drives in *CBC's service area are eligible for the Community Blood Center High School Scholarship Program. Administrators may award a scholarship per school year to a student who demonstrates leadership and volunteerism in the organization of the high school blood drive school year. Scholarships in the amount of $500 - $1000 are available, depending on the total number of units collected per academic year at their high school blood drives.

*Blood drives must be held in CBC's service area (NE Kansas & NW Missouri) to qualify. Contact Kira Harsh with questions. 


Little Doctors Program®

Little Doctors Program® is the brainchild of Putnam Valley, NY Middle School 6th grade teacher Karen Brothers. Karen knew her students would learn about volunteerism, community service, and the science of blood by organizing community blood drives.

The program is designed for faculty and students at elementary and middle schools. Young students bring creativity and magic to the program, and hundreds of schools across our area are now participating. Little Doctors Program® is an ideal partnership with science curriculum requirements for grades 5-8.

For more information on the Bloodstock® Scholarship Program, High School Scholarship Program and Little Doctors Program®, please contact Andrea Boepple, Director, Donor Recruitment.