With only a five day shelf life, there is a constant demand for platelets. Find out if you can donate platelets.

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Sean and Airica, Donor & Recipient

“I give blood pretty regularly, but I didn’t realize how important it is to give until my own daughter, Airica, needed blood when she was born. It really hit home then.”

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Donor Doc Is Going Mobile!

Donor Doc is CBC’s new electronic donor health history software. It allows donors to proceed through the health history process at a personalized pace using a tablet.

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Learn how our amazing volunteer drivers, ambassadors, office pros and outreach team help CBC save lives.

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Donate Blood

Donate blood now. People can't live without it.

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Volunteer with CBC and help save lives.

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It takes more than blood to save a life.


Where to Donate

Find out where you can donate blood today!


Can I Donate?

Most people are eligible to donate life-saving blood.


Preparing to Donate

Donating blood is one of easiest ways to support your community. We have some tips to make it easier!

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"I help save lives."

Learn about the many ways Community Blood Center employees help save lives.

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Host a Blood Drive

It's easy to do, and a Community Blood Center Account Manager will be with you every step of the way.

Who You Help

There are lots of people alive today because of blood donors like you.

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Work where you love, serving a mission you can believe in!