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Community Blood Center Annual Fund

Community Blood Center works to fulfill our commitment to save and sustain lives by providing blood products and hospital services to nearly 70 hospitals and over 3 million individuals in Missouri and Kansas.  

To deliver what matters most to our generous blood donors, blood drive sponsors, hospital and clinic partners, and others throughout the healthcare industry, everyday lifesaving operation funding is needed.

Financial gifts support CBC in collection and distributing ~3,600 units of blood each week to treat patients. With the entire foundation of blood donation changing, CBC takes on increased expenditures related to operating our seven collections centers as well as expanding the donor recruitment and collection efforts.

Adding a Blood Donor Mobile Bus

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely reduced the number of units of donated blood collected at mobile drives at schools, places of worship, and community and corporate organizations. Prior to businesses, schools and places of worship adopting remote interaction, 70% of our red cell collections came from our mobile operations, with 30% coming from the collection centers.  

Now more than ever, we need to expand the opportunity for bus collections because in some areas, there is no other way to obtain blood. One blood donor mobile bus is estimated to collect 32,000 blood units over the course of its lifetime. Each blood unit can positively impact three patients in need, thus benefiting 96,000 total patients per coach. Funding for the purchase of a mobile bus provides the ability to extend CBC’s reach to new donor populations who do not have convenient access to donor centers or mobile drives.

We truly appreciate and are thankful for any and all monetary donations. Should you require further resources, please contact the Office of Philanthropy team.