IRL Experience: an MLS Rotation in the IRL

Community Blood Center is proud to offer a rotation in the Immunohematology Reference Lab for students of local MLS programs.  A registration code is required.  Contact your MLS Program Director. 

Register for IRL Experience

What is IRL Experience?

  • MLS students spend 1 day (8am-4pm) in the Immunohmatology Reference Lab.

  • Curriculum

    • Prior to arriving, MLS students download and print the IRL Experience Student Handbook and complete assigned online modules.

    • Online modules provide background information on the main topics to be covered:

      • Comparing blood bank methods

      • ABO discrepancies

      • DATs, eluates & Rh nomenclature

      • Warm autoantibodies

    • Students arrive prepared to discuss and perform testing in the IRL.

Questions? Please address any questions to