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Read the heart-warming stories submitted by individuals and their families and learn how blood donations made a life-saving impact on their lives.  Your donation will Save a Life.Right Here, Right Now.

Christine Concepcion, Recipient
“Keep donating!  Your selfless contribution and effort allowed me to be home taking care of my daughter.  I’m so grateful to be here for her.” Read More

Teressa Johnson, Recipient
“I’d donate if I could. I know what would have happened to me if it hadn’t been there when I needed it.” Read More
Carson, Recipient

Kids get sick. When 7-year-old Carson felt bad and started running a fever, his parents Pamela and Joe, thought it was just a virus. The fever, however, didn’t go away. In fact it got worse, until Carson had to go to the hospital. Read More

Macy and Cole, Recipients
The doctor had never seen red blood cell numbers as bad. Two-year-old Cole was in acute kidney failure. He couldn't get rid of the fluid that was quickly stealing his ability to breathe. Read More
Denise, Recipient
Denise was experiencing placenta previa and she was scheduled for a Caesarian section. Everything seemed to be going well until she heard her new baby cry. At that instant, she began to have trouble breathing. Read More
Doug Myers, M.D., Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist
Dr. Myers is familiar with desperate situations. His patients are children, often suffering from leukemia or lymphoma, for whom chemotherapy has been, for one reason or another, ineffective. Read More
Julie, Recipient
“I hated the idea of the needle. But what the blood is for outweighs what little pain you might go through.” Read More
Paul, Donor
“It doesn’t take a lot of time to save a life… The life you save more than likely won’t be anyone you know, but that life you’re saving is someone’s mother or father or son or daughter or friend. Every one of us is important to somebody.” Read More
Michael, Donor
“I know every time I leave the blood center I feel like I have temporarily done my part. It’s a small way not only to serve your community but to give back a little bit.” Read More
Sean & Airica, Donor and Recipient
“I give blood pretty regularly, but I didn’t realize how important it is to give until my own daughter, Airica, needed blood when she was born. It really hit home then.” Read More
Emaline, Recipient
“The surgeon and the medical staff are so important... But if it weren’t for the blood donor, it would go for nothing. The importance of a blood donor is no less important than the skills and performance of the surgeon.” Read More
Dylan, Recipient
Blood donations from Community Blood Center helped Dylan fight leukemia. Read More
Brett, Recipient
... Janet knows that one important reason for her youngest son’s survival is the generosity of blood donors. “They saved my son’s life. He wouldn’t be here without them.” Read More

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