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Convalescent Plasma - Information for Health Care Providers

Delivering convalescent plasma (CP), a potential life-saving therapy for COVID-19, is an urgent priority for Community Blood Center (CBC).

How to Order Convalescent Plasma

  • An interested physician must first make contact with their Blood Bank Medical Director as this product is ordered like other blood products.
  • CBC contractual customers can order product directly from CBC by completing the request form found on our website. While we build an inventory of CP, only order for patient specific need, not for inventory/stock.
  • Convalescent Plasma ISBT Labels
  • ISBT Codes - please enter the following product codes into your system
Product DescriptionProduct Code

~200mL Components

E9747VA0,  E9747VB0, E9747VC0, E9747D0, E9754V00, E9755V00, E9756V00

Thawed Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/refg|COVID-19E9752